Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Services  

We provide outsourcing services in following areas:

- Supply Chain Management - Our specialty is procurement of machined parts and sheet metal parts

- CAD design 

- CAM programming

- Research and Development, Project Management

- Die and mold - Design - Production - Try out

- Prototype and small batch production - Machining - 3D Print - Sheet metal stamping and forming - Forged Carbon Fiber


Family owned company since 1991. 

Since 2022 management taken over by third generation of mechanical engineering experts, after 15 years of accumulating experience in top multinational engineering companies.

We are happy to answer to various outsourcing needs for industry.

Ivica Glumpak, 

Quality management

We take special care of process quality.

We own a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and we are not afraid to use it.

Production process

One of our specialties is preparation of production process, which includes design of optimal jigs and fixtures, CAM programming, numeric simulation, etc. 

Technological Design

Our own method of design evaluation and improvement with purpose to make it more technologically efficient. It applies mostly in stamping dies. It reduces the cost of production up to 15%. 



Our services

Outsource your need for engineering and reduce your operations cost!

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