Supply Chain Management

Our specialty is procurement of machined parts and sheet metal parts. We have network of reliable partner companies with whom we cooperate for years. Let us deal with lead times, costs and quality - we deliver finished parts.

CAD Design

We offer 3D modelling and 2D drafting according to Your requests. 

CAM Programming

Our experience in CAM measures in thousands of finished parts. Most of them are used in dies and molds for automobile industry.

Research and Development

Forged Carbon Fiber product development is our latest R&D project. We are able to make complete cycle from research to delivery of prototype or small batch of Forged Carbon Fiber parts. This is the new technology in processing carbon fiber, mostly used in automobile industry, but has bright future in various industrial applications.

Die and Mold

- Design

- Production supervision

- Try out

Prototype production

We have in-house capacity to produce prototype or small batches, for more we rely on our partner network.

- Machining 

- Sheet metal stamping and forming 

- 3D Print in professional quality 

- Forged Carbon Fiber